Core Leadership Principles

When treated like more than feel-good slogans, vigorously applying these principles will produce predictably great results.

Hire the Best

I look beyond resume acronyms for that “spark” in the eye–that quality that communicates a zeal for accomplishment, creative problem-solving and toss-the-box thinking. Technologies come and go, but star performers endure, and the right people quickly master new skills.

Expect the Best

People tend to rise up (or sink down) to the level they perceive is expected. Make it clear that great results are expected, then support that expectation with leadership. Teams will walk through fire to deliver.

Grow the Best

Keeping the best people shining their brightest and delivering excellence requires cerebral care and feeding. Training builds loyalty and skills while the batteries are recharging, and shop standards and development methodologies are reinforced.

Get Out of the Way

Always stand ready to throw in a lifeline of support and hands-on mentoring when required, ensure that the mission and expectations are very clear, then get out of the way to let the team shine. Sunglasses usually required.

A set of principles would not be complete without an acronym: HEGG. (Now go HEGG your team.)


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